Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's on Wednesday


Peta here to show you a quick tutorial on backgrounds with ink

You will need -
***art journal or a few pieces of card stock
***some inks - I have used Versa Cube Inks 
***Mask - The Crafters Workshop Arrow Template
***baby wipes

Rub the ink down the template 
- you don't need to worry if all areas are covered
 I have used the 3 inks next to each other
 Take your baby wipe and wipe all the ink over the template
this will then transfer onto your page

Depending on how much ink you use will depend on the 
colours that will come thru - see the difference in the 
two pages below

now grab the template and a clean page or paper and re wipe your template
using the dirty wipe first and then get a clean one and create a new
page and clean your template all at once.


 So that was easy right....
I use this "wipe technique" on all my masks after I have used them to create
backgrounds in my art journal 

so happy background experimenting everyone :)

NB: you can purchase all these items in the shop [not the babywipes;)]

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