Monday, August 26, 2013

August Step by Step - By Donna

I was so excited when I opened a parcel from Peta this week when I saw that she sent me some Gelatos!
 I knew instantly that I had to use them for this months step by step. 
After lots of trolling through YouTube I found HEAPS of tutorials to show me how to use them.

Aren't they gorgeous!
Ok, enough drooling! 
Here is a step by step showing you how I used the gelatos on my layout.

To start with I used some gesso to seal my cardstock. If you don't, the gelato's will just seep into the cardstock and disappear. I am a pretty impatient scrapper so I then used my heat gun to dry it. I then picked a gelato colour that matched the papers that I wanted to use and then scribbled on the area where I wanted to add the colour too.

I used my water brush (you could use a paint brush dipped in water if you don't have one) to blend the scribble together. 
I wasn't happy with the with the depth of colour that I had so after I had dried it with my heat gun, I added more of the colour over the top. I then sprayed it with a water spray bottle (which I stole out the girls bathroom sssshhhh!) 
It did make it really wet, but I accidentally tipped the cardstock up and it made the gelato starting running down the page... loved it!

After having so many wet products on your page it tends to buckle. I have found that if you turn it over and hit it with the heat gun to dry the other side it flattens down nicely.

To give my page some more depth I stamped randomly over the background. While I had the gelatos still out I thought I would see how they work with the Pink Paisley 'Artesian Chipboard' that I had in my stash. I just scribbled over it and then used my finger to rub the excess off so the embossed image comes through.

I spent some time shuffling papers to pick which ones I wanted to use out of the Carta Bella 'Hello Again' collection kit that I received from Peta for my DT kit this month. 
I don't plan a layout, I just go with what the papers 'tell' me. But I do start with some inspiration from Pinterest, not that it looks anything like it when I am finished hee hee.
After I pick what papers I want to use I cut 'random' sizes that I will use for layering. And then shuffle them around until I am happy with them.

I have never been one to have a 'flat' layout and I like seeing the different layers. So after a bit of crumpling I start to stick it all down. I only put tape in the middle of the layers so that it doesn't squash them down and it makes it easier to add the embellishments to the layout later. And I nearly always use some sort of foam tape to the back of the photo to give it more 'lift'

And the best part of using a collection kit is that the embellishments are all there for you. Pick which ones you want to use and stick them down!

Add a title and you are done!

Peta has more gelatos on the way to the store in the next week or so... keep an eye out on the facebook page to see when they arrive!

Thanks for popping by!
Donna xxx

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