Sunday, September 22, 2013

Packing To Fly

A question that I get asked a lot is 'how do you pack to fly to retreat?' So, I thought I would do a blog post just on that for you. 
Because I live in country Queensland there are not many retreats nearby, 
so I have to fly to most of them.

It has taken me years to 'perfect' the way that I do it. 
I would take a massive suitcase and have it loaded to the weight limit, and then would find that I hardly touched any of it! 
One important thing to remember is that if there is going to be a shop at the retreat, YOU ARE GOING TO BUY MORE SCRAP SUPPLIES! 
They usually have new stock that you MUST HAVE, you will learn new techniques from classes or even from a person sitting at your table. 
So, off to the shop you go to buy that brand of mist that you have fallen in love with (in several colours of course!), or that range of paper 
that the girl next to you has just used to make a stunning layout. 
That means that you will need room to pack it back up and get it home!

Packing for retreat takes a little planning, I scrap with mostly kits that I buy, from SFS of course! These mostly come with matching alphas and embellies.  I go through the kits and work out what colours of mists that I would most likely use with them and put them in a sealable container.

 Another thing that is handy to have to help you pack for retreat is several different sizes of snap lock bags. These will save your stash if you happen to have a spillage of some sort. (not that I have, but always be on the safe side)

For really runny, messy things like mists (if you want to bag them instead of a container) I would double bag them to be on the safe side!

I also pack a container with my tools in it.

More snaplock bags to put alphas and stickers in.

And then it is time to start packing! Make sure you put the heavies things at the bottom of the suitcase, you don't want to find your paper stash all crushed when you get there! (learnt that one the hard way!) 

Another important thing to remember, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR LAYOUTS HOME! I use a Work in Progress album to put them. 
I also put in a 12 x 12 bag with handles so that if they don't fit in my suitcase, I can take them as carry on. (at least you know they won't get lost in transit!)

I then put approx 6 kits in on top and then add a few bits and pieces to to fill the gaps.

Don't forget that Scrappers are great at sharing! Don't hesitate to ask to borrow something, Whether it be a mask, an ink pad or even a missing letter that you need for a title. 


That's it, I'm packed and ready to go! I have left room in my suitcase to bring new purchases home and also my toiletry bag as you can't take that as carry on. (which my clothes are in)

I hope this helps answer a few questions that you may have!

D xx

Ps. Don't forget to pop over to the retreat blog to see what retreats that we have planned for the rest of the year and also 2014.

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